Repair and Calibration of Particle Counters and CM Sensors

FCU 1315, FCU 200, CS 1xxx, CS 2xxx, CSM xxxx, FMM xxx

Optimise the quality of your test equipment by using our calibration service at the Hydac Service Centre. All calibration equipment used by us is subject to audit by DAkkS (the German National Accreditation Body).

AC / DC Laboratory (SANAS 101)

Calibration of the following Instrumentation:

Multimeters, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Wattmeters, Voltage Transformers, Current Transformers, Ratiometers Capacitors, Inductors, Temperature Calibrators, Electrical Calibrators, etc.

High Voltage/Heavy Current Laboratory (SANAS 101)

Calibration of the following:

Capacitor Voltage Transformers, Transmission Calibrations , High Current Tests, etc.

Time and Frequency Laboratory (SANAS 501)

SANAS Accreditation to ISO 17025 in the following fields:

Frequency, Time Interval Average and  Oscilloscope Calibration

The above parameters allow calibration of instruments such as: 

Frequency Counters, Frequency Generators, Function Generators, Oscillators, etc.